Law Offices of Frank H. Guzman, PC


Whether your business is new to litigation or is involved in frequent legal disputes, an experienced commercial litigator can manage your legal problems, protect and pursue your rights, and provide effective legal defense and counsel.

We handle business contract questions, including breached promissory notes, contracts for delivery of goods, contracts to market, buy or sell agreements, service contracts, employment contracts, consulting contracts, insurance contracts, and many other types of business contracts.

We can help you collect unpaid bills, invoices, and debts, commercial lease disputes, disputes regarding real estate, mortgages, loans, and promissory notes. 

We also provide professional legal advice and counsel, as well as negotiation, arbitration and litigation services. We represent businesses and individuals pursuing judgments against other businesses and individuals, as well as the defense of such claims or lawsuits.

We can help you with:
Limited Liability Corporations
• Partnerships
• Sole Proprietorships
• Bills of Sale
• Employment Applications
• Starting a Business
• Business LLC
• Business Law
• Employee Benefits
• Employment Law Discrimination
• Immigration Law
• Employment Litigation
• Employment Law
• Employee Protection Laws
• Industrial Relations Law
• Overtime Law
• Unemployment Compensation Law
• Workplace Safety
• Workers Compensation Board Representation 
• Partnership Law
• Small Business Law
• Labor Law
• Personal Injury Claim Defense 
• Wills & Trusts
• Consumer Law
• Medical Malpractice
• OSHA Safety Standards 
• Family and Medical Leave Act
• Buying or Selling a Business
• Sexual Harassment Suits
• Business Taxes
• Employee Contracts
• Business Insurance
• Financing a Business
• Independent Contractor Agreements 
• Equipment Financing and Leasing
• Contingent Workers
• Protecting Intellectual Property Rights
• Non-Compete Agreements 
• Office Leases
• Commercial Leases
• Wage & Overtime Laws 
• Commercial Mortgages
• Equal Pay Laws  
• Business Loan Defaults
• Employee Handbooks
• "At Will" Employment
• Health Insurance
• Wrongful Termination Claims
• Contract Interpretation & Subrogation Clauses